A guide to visiting beaches around Oahu, Hawaii

There’s more than just Waikiki Beach in Oahu. And while this famous beach is definitely worth a visit while you’re there, it’s not exactly the hub of tropical serenity. With hordes of surfers in front of you and crowds of people browsing tourist shops behind you, it’s good for people-watching and the feeling of a … More A guide to visiting beaches around Oahu, Hawaii

Guide to Maui, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Maui has more of a relaxed vibe than Oahu (which has the big city of Honolulu), but it’s not quite as remote-feeling as Kauai or Molokai. You’ll find beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling, laidback restaurants, and the best pineapples (Maui Golds) on this island! If you go in peak season (December-March or … More Guide to Maui, Hawaii